What are the best applications for laser therapy in Orthopedics?

Dr. Gardener of Gardener Orthopedics, discusses how he is using MLS Laser Therapy on his toughest cases. 


Download Case Study: Treatment of Chronic Craniofacial Pain with Mphi Laser and Orthotic 

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Study Objective: This study’s aim was to determine if the protocol used with MLS laser therapy is efficacious in decreasing painful symptoms of craniofacial pain. Visual Analog Scale was used and converted into percentages and means, confidence intervals with standard deviation along with Wilcoxon Rank to determine clinical significance. 65 patients participated in the study.

Conclusion: The protocol used by the researchers showed a 49.9% decrease in patient’s pain after the first treatment, 25.2% decrease after the second treatment and 9.0% decrease after the third treatment. Reductions in pain were cumulative, thus decreasing the overall pain each treatment session. Each treatment session was a total of 8 minutes and can easily be applied to normal clinical setting. This study demonstrates MLS laser therapy is effective in reducing pain levels associated with TMJ with 8 minute treatment sessions.

Reduction of Discomfort

After 1st Tx

After 2nd Tx

After 3rd Tx





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