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High Ticket Niches &
MLS® Laser Therapy

By specializing in niche conditions with protocols centered around cash-based modalities, chiropractors have the opportunity to increase the value of their services, attract new patients, and strengthen their bottom-line. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Shifting focus from patient volume to high ticket niche conditions.
  • The importance of cash-based services for the chiropractic practice.
  • Delivering great results and getting paid with MLS Laser Therapy services.
  • Protocols for chronic knee pain, chronic neck and back pain, and peripheral neuropathy.

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About the Presenter

Kyle Pankonin, DC, FACO, DACCP, CFMP, CCEP

Dr. Kyle Pankonin opened his single-doctor practice in Lamberton, Minnesota in April of 2000. After years of prioritizing patient volume, he realized the key to chiropractic success is to focus on niche conditions with protocols centered on cash-based modalities.

Specializing in chronic knee pain, chronic neck and back pain, and peripheral neuropathy, MLS Laser Therapy has become the centerpiece for comprehensive care at his practice contributing to success rates of up to 89%.

Dr. Pankonin graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1999. Prior to studying at NWCC, he attended South Dakota State University and Southwest Minnesota State University. He has diplomates in chiropractic pediatrics and orthopedics and is a certified functional medicine practitioner. He is certified in Graston Technique, Webster Technique, Cox Flexion-Distraction and Motion Palpation, and has taken extra training as a certified chiropractic extremity practitioner.